Welcome & Project Info

????????????Scotland has a long history of emigration and Scots can be found all over the world. The word diaspora is used to describe them as a group – in its broadest sense the term simply refers to the movement of people, but I’d say it means much more than that. It stands too for shared cultural roots and an orientation to a homeland, Scotland in this case.

So who are the Scots in the diaspora? And what is your link with it? That’s what this project is all about, bringing together Scots from around the world to share on this site their personal reflections on the Scottish diaspora, its history and legacy. The Reflections project is part of my Scottish Diaspora Blog.

There are no special requirements, the project is open to anyone with a love for Scotland and Scottish history. So are you a Scot living abroad with an interest in your Scottish roots? Or do you live in Scotland and love Scottish history and culture? Share your story here on the Reflections wall.

If you would like to become a contributor, all you have to do is fill in this Survey and agree to the terms explained. The survey is quite short and won’t take long to complete. When your survey is in it will be published on the Reflections wall for Scots around the world to enjoy.

Come and join in & please spread the word!