Sheila Kerr

What do you know about the reasons for emigration from Scotland?

Many people leave to follow career opportunities abroad. I live in Scotland but know of many who have done so including my husband. His parents moved to USA and Canada for 7 years for job opportunities but returned to Scotland. My husband was educated from age 11 to 16 years old in Canada, USA.

Have any of your ancestors or members of your family emigrated? If so, where to? And do you know anything about their story overseas?

My niece emigrated to USA and lives in New York. She is married and has a job in human resources in a College there. She decided to move for the job opportunities available on completing a Masters Degree.

What do you think is the legacy of the Scots abroad?

The legacy is the origin of the Scottish people and the many talented and educated Scots throughout the world. A small country which has produced many great writers, poets, surgeons, philosopher, inventors and more. Also our wonderful landscapes and scenery.

Ending with something light-hearted: what did you think when first looking at the image called ‘Piper Kerr and Emperor penguin’?

Love it! Considering my married name is Kerr! Also thought it must be freezing for the piper in the kilt!

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