Elaine McCrorie

What do you know about the reasons for emigration from Scotland?

I think mostly it has been for work, a better life and for love.

If you live overseas yourself, where do you live and can you say a few words about your personal Scottish diaspora story?

I live in Iceland and have done so for the last 13 years and I did it for love :-)

Have any of your ancestors or members of your family emigrated? If so, where to? And do you know anything about their story overseas?

My brother moved to Canada in the 70s with his wife and 5 children. The kids all were of school age and missed their family and friends, but they are now adults and know their parents did the right thing to better their lives. Of course they miss Scotland like I do but have now made a new life for themselves.

What do you think is the legacy of the Scots abroad?

Wherever I have travelled in the world I have always been accepted, I would say more so because I am from Scotland, nothing really to do with my magnetic personality! When I have met other Scots abroad there is usually an instant connection and we understand one another, I don’t think this can always be said about other nationalities. When I first arrived in Iceland I was asked if I watched Taggart and could I speak the way they speak in the programme? Of course I obliged! Need I say more!

Ending with something light-hearted: what did you think when first looking at the image called ‘Piper Kerr and Emperor penguin’?

Scots get everywhere :-)

One thought on “Elaine McCrorie

  1. Love the fact that you did it for love (and it’s Valentine’s Day as I’m writing this – ha). Here’s a fitting little story for you:

    In July 1909 the love story of Gabriel R. Gibson of Kilsyth and Myrtle MacIntyre made headlines in the San Francisco Call. Gibson had fallen in love with MacIntyre and ‘wooed his sweetheart’ during his school days in Kilsyth. But, in 1903, Gibson left for the United States, seeking to make a better life for himself in Berkeley, California. His departure from Scotland did not put an end, however, to his love for Myrtle: the two kept in touch, corresponding regularly by sending many a letter across the Atlantic Ocean. But ‘[s]ix years of correspondence’ eventually ‘proved unsatisfactory to Gabriel . . . and he left for his native land . . . to wed Miss Myrtle MacInyre, the woman of his choice.’ Together the newly-wed couple then made home in Piedmont, California.

    So there you go!

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