8 thoughts on “Survey

  1. This is a fascinating project: as I mentioned in the survey, the Scottish diaspora is her missing talent, wisdom and strength: the more we reach out to our missing links, the more we can grow into the vibrant inspiring nation we were meant to be!

    • Thanks, Clare! I’ll be collecting for a while still before reflections go live, so please spread the word!

    • Thank you – delighted you’ve enjoyed the stories! Hopefully there’ll be many more.

  2. Hi How do I contribute/ tell my story here?
    I am of african and Indian heritage grew up in Scotland and lived there till aged 33 lived in a mining town worked in the sewing factories for many years and experienced first hand the marginalised role of someone ‘not from here’, not quite normal or comfortable to have round.

    • Hi!

      There’s a survey here with a number of questions. However, they may not work so well for your own story. See what you make of them. If they don’t work for you but you’d still like to contribute, please feel free to email me your story directly (I’ll be on leave soon though, so please bear with me if it was to take a little longer until I get back to you).

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